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  • This privacy policy is designed to outline the policies and procedures in place for P3 Pet Care Services in regard to client’s personal data in how we will collect, process, store and share your data.
  • This document will also outline when and how we may need to get in touch with the client via post, email or text message and how to opt in or out of these services in line with the current General Data Protection Regulation 2018.
  • P3 Pet Care Services website is owned and operated by Hayley O’Connor. This is a Sole trading company operating under P3 Pet Care Services.
  • P3 Pet Care Services may change and update this policy from time to time, please check back to make sure you are happy with any changes. This policy was last updated on 11/09/2018.

Please contact Hayley O’Connor should you have any questions regarding this data protection policy on;


  • This guide applies but is not limited to all P3 Pet Care Services clients who have filled out the initial paperwork and service agreement and or inputted their details onto the online secure external portal Pet Sitter Plus following a welcome email being sent to them.


  • Personal data relates to any information that would allow someone to identify an individual. P3 Pet Care Services collects data when you first register interest with us whether that be via phone, email or contact form via our website.
  • Identity data; first and last name, address, and marital status.
  • Contact data; Billing address as above if different to home address, email address, telephone number and emergency contact numbers.
  • Transaction data; such as payments made by yourself to P3 Pet Care Services.
  • Pets Data; Information about your pet we are looking after this includes; Name, age, sex, breed, neutered/un neutered, personality traits such as not liking other dogs, Vets registered at.
  • Sensitive data – we do not collect any sensitive data.
  • P3 Pet Care may collect data from a freelance worker in response job availability as well as during an interview and or via phone/email.
    • In order for P3 Pet Care Services to provide services to their clients such as but not limited to dog walking, home visits, home boarding etc, there is a need to acquire data regarding the owner and their pet. Where the Client is not happy about certain ‘key’ data being held and stored this would result in termination of the contract between P3 Pet Care Services and the client, due to not being able to provide a service without for example the clients address to pick the animal up from.

Data Collection

P3 Pet Care Services will collect data via either;

  • Direct interactions (form filling out face to face, via post or email) occasionally via phone or text message.
  • Indirectly – Additional data can be collected by the client filling out the blank details on the online portal.
  • Key Data is needed in order to provide a professional service to their clients, this includes;
    Name, Address, phone number, email address, animal’s details, visit routine, Vets the pet is registered at.

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  • Any additional data which is asked for at the time of signing up with P3 Pet Care Services will be under a bold heading which gives the option to leave blank at the owner’s discretion.

Storage of Data

  • Any paperwork version of data is stored at P3 Pet Care services registered address in a locked box. The key of which is kept on a lanyard and kept on Hayley O’Connor’s persons at all times during the working day and when not in a locked safe within the premises.
  • Electronic versions of any data are stored on Pet Sitter Plus – a third party software used by P3 Pet Care Services. Pet Sitter Plus has a very secure network which is password protected and the client at any time has access to the portal to see all data that is help on them as well as the option to remove/add data.

Use and Sharing of Data

  • P3 Pet Care Services will use your data to set you up an online portal where your electronical data is stored by a secure third-party software. We will use this data to enable us to collect or visit your pets, contact you from time to time to inform you of changes to normal walks/visits via email, phone or text. Contact you to let you know of services we think may be of interest to you, send invoices and newsletters.
  • We will give you feedback on your animal while in our care via text or our online portal and via phone if and when appropriate.
  • In certain instances, there may be times where P3 Pet Care Services may need to share personal data, these are outlined below;
  • Freelance workers: P3 Pet Care Services may employ freelance workers whom have access to the ‘Key data’ as specified above in section 3.4, these people will be DBS checked, have insurance and have signed a disclosure with P3 Pet Care Services in regard to confidentiality.
  • Veterinary surgery – In the event of an emergency it may be necessary to pass over personal data to the Veterinary practice who is treating the clients pet. Where possible we will always use the clients own veterinary surgery in this situation. However, this may not always be possible and personal data may be shared in this instance.

Removal of Data

  • If at any given time the client wishes to remove their data from P3 Pet Care Services records they may do so by giving us instruction to do so. In this event any paperwork will be shredded and data from the portal will be removed.
  • It is important the client is aware that should the data they wish they may remove their data from our records via their home portal as well as informing us via email, this would result in termination of the contract between the client and P3 Pet Care Services because P3 Pet Care Services would not be able to carry out their job role effectively.
  • When we are informed that a client wants us to remove their data from our records we will also remove any paper copies and destroy these in accordance with General data protection regulations.


Compliance, monitoring and review

  • This policy will be annually reviewed as a minimum and reflects the most recent legislation when looking at data regulations and taking into account new EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018.


  • It is the responsibility of the employer to alert any staff working on behalf of P3 Pet Care Services to make them aware of this policy as well as making sure they sign the relevant disclosure agreements of data protection.

Records management

  • This Policy will be kept electronically as well as in paper form in a locked file box. Clients can request to see this policy and procedure at any time.

5 Contacting

From time to time P3 Pet Care Services may get in touch via phone, text message, email or letter. When signing up/ renewing you will be requested to give permission for us to do so. It is necessary in line with P3 Pet Care Services policies and procedures to contact clients in instances which include but are not limited to; invoicing, arranging and rearranging services, feedback following services and monthly newsletters.


Approval and Review Details
Approval Authority Hayley O’Connor
Administrator Hayley O’Connor
Next Review Date 15/04/2021
Approval and Amendment History Details
Original Approval Authority and Date 01/09/2017
Amendment Authority and Date 15/04/2020